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  • PN3
  • Welcome to the PN3 Forum.
    My apologies for the web site being down, as its a free host i have to login every two weeks to keep it active...i forgot :/
    Needless to say ive now paid a small extra fee so i dont have to do it again for another year!!

    I would like to welcome all new members by saying a thank you for joining, i hope we can make the EvE experience as enjoyable for all of us involved.

    Forums can be a not so enjoyable experience when you fist take a look, so many unread posts.
    So if i can point you in the direction of the most important ones to start.

    The DA section is where you wil find the rules and the corp structure, please read at your convienience, its there to help and keep things as organized as possible.

    The divisions are one of the most important parts of the corp so we can modify goals, and adjust focus depending on what is required. There are currently 3, so if you could please choose your division after reading the descriptions that would be helpful.

    Lastly i would again like to say WELCOME TO PN3!
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