Looking to join PN3?

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Looking to join PN3?

Postby Maya on Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:11 am

Headquarters and Office located at:
Vylade VII - Moon 3 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery

Product Number 3, trying to bring together a group of pilots with similar views on eve,
which is to be relaxed and have fun, nothing too heavy.
We have rules but not many.
We are Currently looking for mission runners, miners and industrialists,
preferably over the age of 25 and with decent Federal Navy and Gallente standing.

You will preferably be an active player and have at least 5m SP,
but new players (no trials) may be accepted and we will provide
5 rank 1 skill books of your choice (price capped), a small selection of mods
and a 1m isk starter donation.

Corp environment is friendly, relaxed and mature.
If you would like to join a corp with no large amounts of pressure,
consider PN3 as your choice.

Please see the corp rules page for some further information.

Maya Sollow.
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