PN3 Mission Statement

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PN3 Mission Statement

Postby Maya on Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:51 am

Product Number 3 is primarily a neutral mining and production Corperation in the MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) known as EvE. Hopefully with dedication and time we will be a dominant manufacturer in the region we reside.
PN3 was created with this in mind. We hope to create a broad multiskilled or specialized player base to cover all aspects of a production corp growing in the EvE universe. This will require mining, manufacturing and industry and combat skills for security forces.

Looking to the future of PN3.
The main aim is for us to become a dominating force in our field, this will take time and be no easy task to accomplish. Some may say foolhardy, but the target has been set and we look to the future of fleet ops and corp POS's with plenty of research and manufacture slots at our disposal to achieve our goals.

In return for your efforts.
In return the corperation will support you in various ways if we are able to, but as a unit we encourage each member to help the other, this way the corperation can achive more through the growth of its members and they can feel proud to say they are in PN3.

Fly Safe.
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