Forum Rules & Registration For PN3 Members & PN3 Public.

Information on regestering on the forums, rules and avatar uploading. Other forum related stuff might be put here too.

Forum Rules & Registration For PN3 Members & PN3 Public.

Postby Maya on Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:11 am

Forum Rules

1. Please be decent, i dont want to spend my time deleting posts from this board when i could be playing EvE. :wink:

2. Try not to troll.

3. Try not to flame.

4. Dont post links to indecent or copyrighted material.

6. Common sence.

7. Enjoy the forums. :)

N.B. Some members are reporting that they are not able to login to the forums after they have logged out
unless they have deleted their cookies. I have made some changes but If you find you are unable to login please try this method.

PN3 Member registration.
To register you will need to use your ingame name, no hyphens or special characters. Any other name will not be accepted.
A valid email address.
You do not have to enter you AIM or those details.
Location if you like, if not please put your time to GMT in the location box (GMT+*) this will help a great deal for arranging ops
as the time zone doesnt show up in the member list.

When your app is processed, apply to join the PN3 Members usergroup in your UserCP to get access to the corp member area.

PN3 Public registration.
It would be nice if you could use your ingame name also but not required.
Cant think of any other requirements apart from follow the rules please.

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